DISCONTINUED: Portable network analyzer with extended record capacity

Is replaced by NEMO line of portable data loggers.

SIMON 341 PLUS is a portable measuring and recording instrument for voltage, current, power and power factors, frequency, total harmonic distortion and harmonics in various networks. It builds on top of the successful SIMON instrument line and allows to use same sets of flexible current transformers. Some major improvements have been implemented though - it is more compact than previous types, it offers USB port for faster data acquisition, measurement of voltage is continuous and its data can be processed using the ENVIS software suite.

Features and Properties

  • 3 voltage inputs, 4 current inputs, 1 temperature input
  • compact dimensions - main unit only 200x110x46 mm
  • current input for clamp-on and flexible CT A3000/A1000. 
  • can be used also with other types of CT with the voltage output of 0.1 - 3V AC
  • measures and records true root-mean-square (TRMS) of voltage and current
  • evaluates active and reactive power and true power factor, frequency, unbalance, THD and harmonics.
  • includes 3-phase, 4-quadrant electricity meter, supports tarrifs TOD, TOU...
  • power to the instrument is supplied from any of the measured phase
  • pre-configurable recording interval 200ms - 2 hours
  • creates archive for EN 50160 evaluation
  • optional LCD display for local evaluation of the measurement
  • supported with ENVIS software
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    A3000 and A1000 Flexible CTs

    A3000 Flexible current sensors Axxx (Rogovski coil) is dedicated to measure broad range of currents in LV networks. These are typically intended to be used with our portable instruments but can be used also separately. Each sensor is equipped with amplifier box with a range control switch. Maximal measured current is 3000 AAC.The Axxx type of sensor works with the older portable analyzers SIMON and other instruments.