ES 101 Converter

Ethernet to Serial Line Converter for all our measuring instruments, analysers and power factor controllers. Supports ENVIS software.


ES 101 is a general purpose Ethernet-to-Serial converter. It allows different instrument(s) with a serial line to be connected directly and transparently to the Ethernet. The communication with such instruments is performed using the default TCP/IP sockets. It can by configured and parametrized over the network with the ENVIS.Daq software (for Windows operating systems). In the case of data acquisition from KMB instruments, the ENVIS software supports ES 101 converters directly within.

Technical Parameters

  • Power supply voltage 175 รท 275 V AC or DC.
  • The converter serial line input is connected to the 3 pin terminal block.
  • Ethernet interface is realized on a front panel with standard RJ-45 Ethernet connector.
  • Converter is designed in a box for DIN-35 rail installation.
  • RS485 allows connecting of up to 32 instruments at a distance of up to about 1 kilometer
  • serial line speed 300 Bd to 115 kBd
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