PA 33 transducer

Display-less measuring transducer for various (selectable) electrical quantities

PA33 converter measures preselected electrical quantities (such as voltages, currents, active, reactive or apparent power, frequency, unbalance/symmetrical components etc.) in three phase low-, high- and very high voltage networks and converts the measured value to its configurable outputs. The convertor is equipped with 3 terminals for voltage (nominal voltage 3 x 230Vrms) and 3 terminals for currents of up to 5 Arms (typically from CT output).

Converters are assembled with one or two current outputs (for 4(0)-20 mA loop) by default. Another option is one or two galvanically isolated digital outputs for "Alarm" function (SSR pulse contactors or relay contacts) or for pulse outputs (electricity meter). The device can be also optionally delivered with a communication line (RS232 or RS485). It can be used to monitor measured values remotely from a PC and for configuration. Operation states of the converter are indicated with two LED diodes.

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  • measuring voltage inputs 3 x 230V AC
  • current inputs 3 x 5A
  • analg outputs 2 x 0(4)-20 mA
  • digital outputs 2x (relay or SSR)
  • programmable outputs (reactrs to condition based on U, I, P, Q, PF, state change etc)
  • RS-485 (RS-232) communication interface to setup and monitor the instrument
  • support for ENVIS a ENVIS.Online applications to download, store and analyse measured data
  • See: other built-in meters and analysers, portable analysers and data loggers, ENVIS 1.1 for data analysis.