SSR Switch KATKA 20/80

KATKA line of the thyristor switching (SSR) modules have been designed especially for switching power factor correction capacitors (TSC, thyristor switched capacitor) in real time reactive power compensation systems in cooperation with our fast power factor controller NOVAR 1312. KATKA is a solid state relay which can be also used in other applications for contact-less load switching with low EMC impact.  In RT-APFC applications it handles up to 25 control interventions in one second. 


  • compensation switching device with long life
  • high number of connections and disconnections
  • up to 29 kVar (KATKA 20) with passive cooling
  • up to 87 kVar (KATKA 80) with active cooling
  • reduced current and voltage interference with the power system (connection and disconnection at near-zero power)
  • fast connection and disconnection.
  • works with fast power factor controller NOVAR 1312
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    Ordering Codes

    Ordering codes for KATKA thyristor switching module.

    See also: NOVAR 1312 & NOVAR 1312-3


  • KATKA SSR modules are designed to switch a star- or delta-wired, symmetric or asymmetric, capacitive, resistive or inductive load typically in a 400/230-volt system.
  • Load is connected under near-zero voltage (typically 5 V) across the switching device and disconnected on zero-cross current.
  • When using power factor correction capacitors, implementation of detuned power factor correction is highly recommended. Otherwise an inductance of at least 12 µH must be wired in series with the switch to reduce speed of current rise. A detuning reactor also expands life of power factor correction capacitors and improves control accuracy. See the actual manual for recomended schema.
  • KATKA modules have a built-in class C overvoltage protection varistors. It is further recommended that a class B 50 kA lightning current protection device is installed in the system.
  • The control voltage is galvanically isolated from other circuits.
  • Modules have a 'Power' LED to indicate voltage presence and a 'Control' LED to indicate closed circuit condition of the module.
  • KATKA 80 module includes thermostat-controlled fan for enforced cooling and thermal protection.
  • Accessories

    Discharge Resistors

    Additional discharge resistors 33 kΩ/13 W must be ordered separately - 3pcs per module. they are connected directly on the terminals of the capacitor.

    Zdroj 24VPower Supply ZP 24

    Additional 24 V DC power supply is common for all thyristor modules connected to each NOVAR controller. While ordering the ZP 24 you should specify the required output power of the supply or the expected number of connected KATKA modules and other relays (with consumptions). The supply is a case-less single PCB design with IP20 protection and can be installed on a DIN rail (35 mm).