The TS (TrafoSTART) is an electronic relay for the switching single-phase transformers. The magnetization of the transformer core is maintained in limits during energization. This transformer starting method totally eliminates inrush current with minimal start up time (from 0,06 s). This unique control procedure was patented. It has patent number CZ 296466.

The TrafoSTART is suitable for all kinds of transformers – EI, UI, C, toroidal, at al. Parallel connected transformers of different types can be connected to one TrafoSTART. The TrafoSTART is recommended for frequently switched transformers and for low-losses transformers with high working induction. The device is easily installed into the primary lead. The TrafoSTART can replace transformer contactor, when control input is used.

During startup, the transformer core is re-magnetized to opposite value of magnetization with exactly specified increment in each half period of the supply voltage. Magnetizing impulses are revised according to the primary voltage waveform. Such a principle ensures error-free operation without any transformer secondary load.

The embedded function of the supply voltage failure recognition allows to operate transformer with high working induction without troubles. Solution with such transformer and the TrafoSTART is then smaller in size, lighter and cheaper.

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TrafoSTART is developed at Technical University of Liberec, department of Electrotechnical Engineering, as part of EU project COST 529. It has been awarded at AMPER 2004 fair as an innovative product.