NEMO portable power quality analyzers and data loggers for measuring and recording campaigns of energy consumption indices. Voltage, current, power factor, frequency, flicker, harmonics and interharmonics and other parameters of the distribution network or local installation are recorded and analysed. NEMO instruments can also record disturbances, spot and record voltage events and analyze the overall power quality in the point of measurement. Large internal memory and flexible record option configuration allows users to perform long measurements in field.

Portable power quality analyzer based on SMY 133, in robust plastic water-proof case, supports flexible Rogovski coil RCT.


Portable 4 channel power quality analyser - 4 voltage inputs 4 (extendable to 24) current inputs - nominal current rate can be optionally selected in range 10A - 10kA.

SIMON PQ Main Unit

Portable multi-feeder power quality analyser - 4 voltage inputs, 4-32 current inputs - nominal current rate can be selected in range 10A - 10kA.

NEMO 332 - multichannel power quality analyser

Portable power quality analysers with graphic dipsplay, large internal memory, builtin tariff electricity meters - simple installation and current measurement with flexible CTs SMP-CA