SEP 485 is a universal module for termination, polarization and protection of the RS-485 bus

The SEP 485 termination module has built-in overvoltage protection between bus signals as well as protection against PE. It also contains propper terminal resistors and bus polarization resistors. It is made as a simple non-adjustable monolith module with all functions enabled by default. Or it can optionally be offered with adjustable dip switches to configure the setup by the end-user. It can also include input voltage indication and bus communication LED light signal. The module can have an additional RJ45-8p / 8c connector for the RS 485 bus (for service purposes, "eavesdropping" of communication, etc.). The module is powered by a 24V DC voltage from an extra-low voltage source (SELV or PELV source), effectively separating the communicating appliances from the mains. The bus is galvanically isolated from the 24V supply voltage. The module is passively cooled by the natural airflow.

The product does not require any maintenance during its operation. For reliable operation, it is only necessary to comply with the specified operating conditions and not to subject it to rough handling which could cause mechanical damage.