KATKA 12 triac switching module, three phase, individual phase switching, up to 12 kvar

The KATKA 12 series triac compensation blocks are designed for fast compensation (up to 20 control interventions per 1 s) in conjunction with the fast power factor controllers NOVAR 2700. It is an ultra-compact unit with an output of up to 12 kvar with a step of 0.25 kvar. They are designed for switching in 400 / 230V networks. They make it possible to compensate for each phase separately.

The compensation capacitor closes at zero voltage (typically 5V) on the switching element and the switch opens when the current passes through zero. The advantages of this contactless switching are long switch life (high number of switchings on and off), limited current and voltage interference to the network (switching on and off at zero) and speed of switching on and off.

Each KATKA 12 block contains 12 capacitor stages, the weights of the stages are 1: 2: 4: 8, in each phase separately. Each stage has its own protection, protection against overvoltage by RC cell and varistor, protection against current peaks by choke, complete measurement of voltage and current of the stage and its diagnostics. The block also contains a common varistor overvoltage protection, heat sink temperature measurement and overheating protection. The block is cooled by natural air flow, without a fan.

Key features

  • three phase, with individual phase switching
  • simple and compact installation and comissioning (ST)
  • up to 12 kvar
  • passive cooling - heat-sink