Input module with 4 DI and a remote serial communication to extend the information collection capabilities of our measurement and control systems.

MIO 4000 is a general purpose input module with increased durability and flexible DI options. It is designed for rail installation and does not have a local display. This concept is suitable for a wide range of applications in building automation and manufacturing processes, for remote supervision of infrastructure and thus for automatic control of loads in connection with modules our measurement systems. For connection to the overhead system use the communication line RS-485. Can be also used standalone in other applications.

MIO 4000 device is equipped with four digital inputs, the status of which is initially set to indicate four programmable alarms and LEDs. Three distinct types do exist: option DP with four bipolar fully isolated inputs, option DA with 4 active (supplied) and fully isolated digital inputs and option DS with four active digital inputs with a common pole.

Types and options